Electronics Power Generation
Darlly Filter cartridges provide pure water in high quality for many processes across the entire semiconductor industry -- from incoming wafers and chemicals to finished integrated circuits.   Darlly Filter cartridges are widely used in power plant for cooling tower water treatment, pre-filtration for the boiler water
Desalination Oil & Chemicals
Darlly Filter cartridges can be widely used for the sea water desalination.   Darlly Filter cartridges are widely used for different chemical filtration, such as petrol water injection, solvent, films, ink, pigment etc.
Food & Beverage Pharmaceutic
Darlly Filter cartridges are suitable for wine, beer, bottled water, various soft drinks, dairy filtration and biological fermentation .   Darlly Filter cartridges are used worldwide for production of biotech products and biopharmaceutical products. The materials of cartridges used in pharmacy are listed in FDA file and have passed the USP requirements for class VI-121C biological safety testing of plastics.
Drinking water Pool & Spa
Darlly Filter cartridges are used for the pre-filtration in the home-use RO Systems, we also provide filter cartridges for refrigerator, coffee machine and outdoor water bottle/sports bottle.   We have had mold for 500 different types of pool & Spa filter cartridges that can match all the different manufacturers. All the material we are using is Reemay which is the 100% accepted media in the pool/Spa industry