DLSF Series Filter Cartridge

General Description
The DLSF Series Filter Cartridge,a pleated which can be backwashed,is designed specially for power piant condensed water filtration application.
*Complete polypropylene structure
*Wide chemical compatibility
*Pleated design increased the filtration area
*Backwash design
*Resin pre-coat can be done before filtration
*Surface filtration to ensure the particle removal and effective backwash
*Length up to 70inch(1778mm),suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications
*Directly installed into existed housings,no need for any changes

Technical Specifications
Materials of components
*Filter media:polypropylene
*Support core/caps:polypropylene
*Connection type:thread
*Removal rating:1μm,4μm,10μm

Operating conditions:
*Maximum operating temperature:82℃
*Maximum differential pressure:2.8bar,65℃

*Prefiltration of RO,pretreatment of sea water desalination
*Condensate water filtration in power generation
*Solvents filtration in biopharm market
*The filtration of bottled water,make-up water,rinsing water
*Paints and coatings,petrochemical,refineries
*Microelectronics,film,fiber and resin

Part numbers/odering information
Darlly super-filtrament filter cartridge P/N : DLSF_*_=_+(e.g.,DLSF-70-1-T)

Code*  cartridge length(inch/mm)
70      70/1778
60      60/1524

Code=  removal ratings
1      1μm
4      4μm
10    10μm

Code+  connection type
T        Thread